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Black Friday 2012 Recap

Black Friday in 2012 was a significant event marked by a surge in both online and in-store shopping, a trend that reflected the growing power of consumerism. November 23, 2012, was a day of frenzied buying, with shoppers seeking out deals and discounts on a wide range of products, from electronics and appliances to clothes and toys.

The economic impact was substantial, with reports indicating that consumers spent around $59.1 billion during the Black Friday weekend, a noticeable increase compared to the previous year. This was seen as a positive sign for the US economy, showing signs of recovery following the recession of 2008. Brick-and-mortar stores still made up the bulk of sales, but 2012 also marked a significant turning point as more consumers turned to online shopping to snag deals.

Online retail giants like Amazon experienced a surge in sales on Black Friday 2012. Other retailers, including Walmart and Target, also reported strong online sales, revealing a shift in consumer behavior towards digital shopping platforms. The introduction of new technology and the growing ubiquity of smartphones and tablets enabled this trend, as consumers could shop from the comfort of their homes, away from the chaos typically associated with Black Friday.

Notably, Black Friday 2012 was marred by a few incidents of violence and disorderly conduct, prompting a renewed discussion on the safety measures needed during such high-traffic events. Despite this, the day continued to be a landmark event for retailers and shoppers alike, shaping the contours of the holiday shopping season in the years to come.