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Black Friday 2006 Recap

Black Friday 2006 was a landmark moment in the world of retail and consumer electronics, primarily marked by the launch of two highly anticipated gaming consoles - Sony's PlayStation 3 and Nintendo's Wii. Both gaming systems hit the U.S. market just days before the year's biggest shopping holiday, causing waves of excitement and anticipation amongst avid gamers and gift-givers alike.

The PlayStation 3, released on November 17th, had been highly anticipated for its powerful graphics and Blu-ray disc player, a first for gaming consoles. However, its high price point, starting at $499 for the base model and $599 for the higher-end model, led to a mixed response from consumers. The system was nonetheless in high demand, with numerous reports of long lines and sold-out units.

On the other hand, Nintendo's Wii was launched on November 19th, with a different approach. The Wii was a more affordable and family-friendly alternative, priced at $249.99. Its novel motion-sensitive controller and the promise of more interactive gameplay resonated with a broad spectrum of consumers, not just traditional gamers. This led to overwhelming demand, and by Black Friday, Wiis were nearly impossible to find, with stocks selling out swiftly across various retailers.

In addition to the console wars, Black Friday 2006 was also marked by the usual array of doorbuster deals and discounts from a range of retailers. Online shopping was becoming increasingly prevalent, and this Black Friday marked one of the first times that online sales figures challenged those of traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Despite some website crashes and customer complaints about limited stock for the best deals, the rise of online shopping was a clear sign of changing consumer behaviors. All in all, Black Friday 2006 was a notable event that set important trends for both the retail industry and the world of consumer electronics.