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Micro Center is an American computer department store that was founded in Columbus, Ohio in 1979 by John Baker and Bill Bayne. Known for their extensive range of electronics and computing products, they cater to tech enthusiasts and casual consumers alike. The company's offerings range from laptops, desktop computers, and peripherals, to gaming products, networking equipment, and software. Many consider Micro Center a haven for tech aficionados due to its vast array of hardware components and its staff's deep expertise in the field.

Micro Center continues to maintain a strong physical presence with multiple retail locations across the United States, an approach that distinguishes it from many of its competitors who have moved primarily online. Each store is organized with various departments dedicated to specific types of electronics, and they're notable for showcasing a wide selection of products, including high-demand and niche items, often not found in other retail chains. This, coupled with an emphasis on customer service and knowledgeable staff, has helped Micro Center maintain a loyal customer base. Online, Micro Center's website complements their brick-and-mortar operations, offering product information, online ordering, and community forums for customer support and discussions.