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HHGregg was a retail chain specializing in consumer electronics and home appliances. Founded in 1955 by Henry Harold Gregg and his wife, Fansy, the company grew to become one of the largest appliance retailers in the United States. With its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, HHGregg operated over 220 stores across 20 states at its peak. The stores offered a wide range of products, including televisions, audio systems, refrigerators, washers and dryers, and home furniture.

HHGregg aimed to differentiate itself from competitors by providing exceptional customer service and a knowledgeable sales team. The stores featured a showroom layout that allowed customers to explore and interact with the products before making a purchase. Additionally, the company emphasized a low-price guarantee, ensuring competitive pricing across its product range. HHGregg also offered a range of financing options to make purchases more accessible to customers. While the company faced financial difficulties and ultimately filed for bankruptcy in 2017, its presence in the electronics and appliances retail market was notable for several decades.