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About Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops is a popular retail chain specializing in outdoor recreation and sporting goods. Founded by Johnny Morris in 1971, the store has grown to become a go-to destination for outdoor enthusiasts, anglers, hunters, and camping enthusiasts. With its distinctive log cabin-style architecture and immersive store environments, Bass Pro Shops offers a unique shopping experience that transports customers into the world of outdoor adventures.

At Bass Pro Shops, customers can find a vast selection of outdoor gear and equipment, including fishing tackle, hunting gear, camping supplies, boating accessories, and clothing designed for outdoor activities. The stores often feature large aquariums, wildlife displays, and indoor shooting ranges to create an interactive and educational atmosphere. Additionally, Bass Pro Shops has become synonymous with conservation and environmental stewardship, promoting the importance of preserving natural resources and wildlife through various initiatives and partnerships.

Bass Pro Shops also operates Cabela's, another prominent outdoor retail chain that joined forces with Bass Pro Shops in 2017. This merger expanded the reach of both brands, providing an even wider range of products and services to outdoor enthusiasts across North America. Whether customers are looking to stock up on fishing gear, plan a hunting trip, or simply seek inspiration for their next outdoor adventure, Bass Pro Shops offers a comprehensive selection of products and a wealth of knowledge to help customers make the most of their time in nature.